Downrange Sales Information

At downrange we do not believe in building training scars into our students. Therefor all of the equipment and gear used in our courses will be available for sale in our store. This means that the student who trains with a specific type of gear and equipment set up can actually purchase and use that same equipment once the course is complete.

Whether it is Medical equipment such as tourniquets, fully stocked medical bags, or if it is a compass and maps, Downrange instructors will assist you in finding the right equipment and ensure that you know how to use it.

Downrange also offers an assortment of firearms related equipment such as upper receivers for AR-15’s and triggers for different makes and models of pistol. In many cases we can assist the customer in finding the rare hard to find item.

Enter the sales area for descriptions and prices on all the different items we have for sale. Our sales area is constantly growing so check back often.

Also Keep in mind, Downrange Students get deep discounts on the equipment and gear relevant to the course they attended!

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