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Downrange is a small business,established in 2012, owned and operated by veterans of the US Armed forces, . The owners/operators of Downrange have an extensive background in both the civilian and military arenas. The company was founded as a training center with the goal of teaching others those skills which our instructors have picked up over the years of service in the special operations community.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) is the focus for training. Downrange is an accredited training center for Emergency Medicine. Our Medical Director is an Emergency Department Physician, and our instructors are qualified as Emergency Medical Technician Basics (EMT-B) or Paramedics. All medical classes are taught by certified instructors, and upon course completion, we provide Continuing Education credit hours that can be used to keep certifications current. Medical courses are taught in accordance with course outlines provided by the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT). Downrange Medical Training Director is an affiliate faculty member and course coordinator for NAEMT and oversees TCCC training, a program that is internationally recognized.

Because our instructors come from a wide background in the military, and law enforcement communities, we have given them the opportunity to teach classes that are near and dear to theirs hearts. TCCC is our primary focus but each instructor has developed separate skills throughout their careers that they enjoy passing on to the public. Downrange cadre specialize in many different subjects such as Land Navigation with map and compass, recreational firearms classes, wilderness first aid, and back packing 101 to name a few. These classes will be scheduled and advertised depending on demand and time. We focus these classes around having fun, team building, and learning new skills.

Downrange employs only the best instructors with verifiable experience in military or civilian special operations units. Each instructor is an experienced teacher who has been in front of students on many occasions and has shown the ability to adapt course material to the speed of learning and experience level of the class. When you attend a course from Downrange you can be assured that you are receiving the best instruction from the very best caliber of instructors.

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