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Downrange is a veteran owned business founded in 2012. The owners and cadre are of the highest caliber with years of verifiable special operations experience in both the Army and Navy as well as extensive experience working on various executive protection details. Follow the link to meet the staff of Downrange.


Downrange Videos

We document all training with video and still pictures. Anyone who takes a class with us will have access to his/her complete class photo album. We do compile the best of the best for the gallery. Come in to view pictures of past classes and training, and get an idea of what Downrange can provide to you or your company.

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Enter here for easy instructions and a walk through of how to schedule a class. We have our cancellation policy, billing requirements, and methods of payment listed here as well.


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Still have questions that haven’t been answered on the site? Feel free to enter and send us an email. We have different Cadre in charge of different areas of training and they can be easily found here.

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